BestGiftGiving.com, is pleased to provide access to FREE Prescription Savings Cards and links to Insurance Marketplaces through this website.
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  1. How to Obtain a Prescription Savings Card?
    1. You may obtain a temporary card by selecting your Group Name above and then Print card.
    2. If your organization has ordered pre-printed cards, you can obtain a card from them.
    3. If your group name is not listed then select "PCA".
  2. Who May Use the Prescription Savings card?
    1. Everyone in your family can use the same card and receive the benefits.
    2. The Prescription Savings Card may not be used in conjunction with any third party payer program, including but not limited to Medicare and Medicaid.
  3. What are the Benefits of the Prescription Savings Card?
    1. The discounts/savings range from 15% to 75% off the Average Wholesale Price of the drug.
    2. All prescribed medications are covered.
    3. Use the Savings Card Pharmacy Locator, after you select a card, to see Participating Pharmacies in your area.
  4. Is the BestGiftGiving.com Prescription Savings Card "Insurance"?
    1. No, this is not insurance. However, you have the benefit of paying the lowest discounted amount for your prescription at the time your prescription is filled.
Notice: This is not insurance and is not intended to replace insurance. Pharmacies are required to pay a processing fee. Drug price fluctuations occur without notice.

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